Some of the techniques I will share with you today can be practiced on your own and this will give you a sense of control - not just for preparing for surgery but even after surgery when you are back to your usual activities. Stress is a normal part of life - and it's not a bad thing but we have to learn to cope and learn how to manage it.

The foundation of any stress management program is breathwork. There is no right or wrong way to breathe - but I will teach you how to breathe more efficiently. I'm going to demonstrate the technique later and then we'll do it together.

I have some simple techniques you can use so that you can slowly and gradually bring this into your life without worrying about whether you can do it or not. For instance, meditation. One of the techniques I'm going to teach you is an introduction to meditation, where you focus for a short time, a minute or two minutes or less.

We'll go over each of the techniques that you can do for yourself: breathing, imagery, simple biofeedback. There are also techniques that a healthcare practitioner can do for you that will help you manage the anxiety of going through surgery or a medical procedure. These include practices like massage, acupuncture, gentle yoga and energy healing such as Reiki. Another possible way to maximize your healing process is the use of nutrition for healing before and after surgery.